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We guide and accompany the surrogacy process. Because all types of family have the right to have children.

Surrogacy is necessary for people and couples who cannot have children naturally

We created South America Surrogacy so that people who are in different countries of the world can meet and live this great experience, which depends on trust, good communication and mutual respect between all the parties involved.

A legal and safe alternative for single women and men, homosexual couples, heterosexual couples or non-binary genders with some type of limitation to gestate.

It is also an opportunity for those women who voluntarily indulge in the great act of love of helping other people fulfill their dream of starting a family.

Who do we help?

In many heterosexual couples or single women, there are various reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant.


Lack of a uterus, a uterus with many fibroids, isthmic-cervical incompetence, advanced fetal deaths, many repeated abortions, the embryo transfer did not work, it has contraindications to pregnancy for some reason external to its ability to gestate, among others.

There are also couples of men or single men who, in order to have a child, need a woman who contributes their ability to gestate.

And in many of the above cases, these people went through long and unsuccessful adoption processes, or simply did not consider adoption as a possibility.

From South America Surrogacy we create that bridge between those who want to form a family and those women willing to help them by contributing their ability to gestate, regardless of their marital status, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Being surrogate

Surrogate mothers have children of their own and enjoy being pregnant. Her intention in engaging her body in the gestation of a child is to help other people experience the wonderful experience of having their own children and starting a family.

They are women who are aware that the baby they are carrying is not theirs, and they are constantly accompanied by a team of psychologists, doctors and social workers.

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Surrogate pregnancy

A legal and safe option for couples, single men and single women to have children and start a family.

Assisted reproduction

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique. In this technique, the woman (surrogate or pregnant woman) carries the baby of a couple or a person who cannot have children naturally.

The surrogate woman provides her ability to gestate, but does not provide her eggs.

Gestational surrogacy

Gametes (eggs and sperm) are provided by the intentional parents, so the baby will carry their DNA.

In those cases where the parents do not have the possibility of contributing their own gametes, eggs and sperm from banks or donors are used.

Baby’s identity papers

The filiation of the baby born through surrogacy corresponds to the intended parents, that is, to the couple or person who cannot have children naturally.

The woman who contributes her ability to gestate freely and voluntarily, legally renounces all right to childbearing.

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