Program in Argentina for Foreingers

The Program

When a person or couple that does not reside in Argentina gets in touch with our team and shares their intention to have a child through surrogacy, we start the Argentina Program for Foreigners.

A plan specially designed to make this process a simple, agile and successful experience in a legal and safe framework.

Previous analysis

We began the Program with a series of interviews with our professional team. We can do them by phone, video calls or in person at our offices.

It is not necessary to be in the country to begin the process.

During this first stage, we analyze the situation and the clinical history, and from there we determine which is the best alternative for the particular case.

Multilingual staff

The people who make up our team speak Spanish, French and English. Our communication will always be clear and fluid, since we are the main interlocutor and translator of those who need it.

We make it simple to manage appointments, follow-up treatments, translations and any management that has the language as a barrier.

Legal assistance

For added peace of mind, we coordinate personal interviews (face-to-face or remote) with attorneys specializing in surrogacy and reproductive health.

Thus, we generate the legal framework so that they obtain all the necessary legal assistance and clear all the doubts that will surely arise during the surrogacy process: before, during and after.


With an interdisciplinary approach, we look for that woman who is willingly willing to bear the child of other people. We do the necessary interviews, medical, psychological and socio-environmental studies so that everything is as we imagine it.

Finally, once the match has taken place, we accompany both parties during all the stages of the wonderful gestation process.

The pregnant woman receives psychological support throughout the process and even after delivery.

Medical and legal documentation

We supervise and monitor the preparation of medical and legal documents.

We carry out the procedures related to obtaining the baby’s birth certificate in the name of both parents, or the father / mother (in case of not being a couple).

We carry out the supervision and follow-up of documents required by the consulates of the countries of origin of the intentional parents.

High complexity assisted reproduction medical center

We get in touch with the highly complex assisted reproduction medical center that will perform the medical procedure.

We do not have pre-established agreements with any institution, but we can help you choose the clinic.

Throughout the years, we have visited breeding centers throughout Argentina accompanying future families and pregnant women in their treatments and we have privileged relationships with doctors, embryologists and gynecologists, which allows us to offer guidance and guidance.

Personalized accompaniment

Are you traveling to Argentina? We pick you up at the airport and accompany you to each appointment. We can even organize tourist services to make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing.

We provide help in organizing accommodation, visits by nurses and pediatric doctors at home.

Our team

These are the professionals who lead the interdisciplinary team specialized in sexual and reproductive rights:

Law firm
Nuñez | Martínez Abogados

Psychological cabinet
Graduate Maria Soledad Ianni

Social work cabinet
Graduate Clara Canavesi

Human Resources
CDR Consultora RRHH
in charge of Patricia Perez Berenechea.

Administrative staff, translators and interpreters.

Fertility clinics
We do not work exclusively with any clinic; Those who choose us to accompany them in the surrogacy process can choose the fertility clinic they trust (if they already have one) or we can help them evaluate which one may be the most appropriate.

In any case, we coordinate the entire process with the highly complex assisted reproduction center that performs the medical procedure.

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