About Us

Our history

We started on this path advising people or couples residing in Argentina and Latin America who were seeking to be fathers or mothers through surrogacy.

For that, they had to travel abroad and have an extremely high budget, which left many without possibility, vanishing their dreams of forming a family as they wanted it.

On the other hand, more and more Argentine and regional women began to contact us expressing their desire to volunteer their ability to gestate.

In this way they sought to help those who needed a surrogate woman to form their own family.

Today, all this surrogacy process can be carried out within Argentina without legal impediments and with all the tranquility that being in a “surrogacy friendly” country offers.

Without distinctions of nationality, gender or marital status. For Argentines or people from other countries in the region, or from any other continent.

Our mission

At Surrogacy South America we take care of coordinating all legal, medical, social, and psychological aspects to ensure the surrogacy process in Argentina.

We provide assistance and support and legal coverage to all those willing to face a surrogacy process.

Our main objective is to make it a wonderful experience for both parties, guiding them from the first to the last day.

Our vision

We are motivated every day to connect people and fulfill dreams, because we know that surrogacy has a great human impact.

We take care of the people involved in all aspects.

To make this happen, we work under the strictest international parameters on surrogacy processes.

Our standards and the professional team that accompanies us is our best guarantee.

Our team

These are the professionals who lead the interdisciplinary team specialized in sexual and reproductive rights:

Law firm
Nuñez | Martínez Abogados

Psychological cabinet
Graduate Maria Soledad Ianni
Graduate Carolina Naddeo

Social work cabinet
Graduate Clara Canavesi

Human Resources
CDR Consultora RRHH
in charge of Patricia Perez Barrenechea.

Administrative staff, translators and interpreters.

Fertility clinics
We do not work exclusively with any clinic; Those who choose us to accompany them in the surrogacy process can choose the fertility clinic they trust (if they already have one) or we can help them evaluate which one may be the most appropriate.

In any case, we coordinate the entire process with the highly complex assisted reproduction center that performs the medical procedure.

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